Arian Darfash Alvan Company was established under the brand name of Alvan Sanat with more than twenty years of brilliant activity in the technical-engineering and commercial fields, with the aim of providing worthy services to the country’s industry. This company, which entered the field of effort and competition with the help of God Almighty and with the aim of serving the specialists and engineers of our beloved country, in a short time gained the honor of cooperating with several private and government companies in the country. In recent years, economic sanctions have prevented the import of goods needed by various industries into the country, however, the company with offices in Germany, China and Turkey and with the use and cooperation of experienced traders was able to take an important step in this period. In order to meet the needs of the country’s domestic industries and provide services in accordance with the latest technologies in the world and in compliance with relevant international standards. The activities of this company include a wide range of technical and engineering services, including: providing technical and consulting services in the field of instrumentation, supply of industrial automation equipment and telecommunication supplies for various target industries such as oil, gas and petrochemical, industries Food and pharmaceutical industries, etc. The commercial sector of the company, like its technical and engineering sector, has been able to supply the industrial equipment required by different sectors of the industry directly and directly from reputable authorities and American and European companies and factories. Play as a purchaser of large domestic collections. Finally, the main task of the company is to provide quality goods at the level of international standards in the shortest possible time and at a competitive price in order to satisfy our dear customers.
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